Manual Monitoring

Topo M Surveys provides customers with cost-effective project solutions through a mixture of highly skilled personnel, using the right tools for the task at hand.

We provide manual monitoring services for bridges, slopes, embankment, buildings, roads, utilities,party walls,facades, retaining walls. A structural deformation monitoring survey is carried out to check for movements, if any, on an influenced zone (usually an area in or surrounding construction works). It is a repetitive survey conducted at regular intervals such that the data collected over time can then be analysed for a trend to determine any effects. This kind of survey is further categorised into 2D or 3D monitoring.

A 2D example being Ground Settlement Monitoring while 3D monitoring is typically employed for structures. Finally, because of its repetitive nature, in certain areas (such as tunnels) it is performed automatically vis-a-vis installing an automated monitoring system.

Considerations are given to factors such as monitoring duration, measurement frequency, specified accuracies and reporting format to ensure we deliver optimum client satisfaction and peace of mind.